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Whether you are operating a large chain of restaurants or a single small operation, it is imperative that you have a food safety system in place. Our online HACCP standards training course are designed specifically to educate you on how to maintain a safe, healthy and clean environment for your employees, customers and anyone else who may be a part of your restaurant.

Our online HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standards training courses go into and thoroughly explain the 7 principles that need to be a part of your written food safety program for you establishment. Click Here for more information about this course.

With our online HACCP standards training course, you will understand the importance of the 7 principles to ensure that you are using the safest and most effective practices as a food service employee.

Our online food safety course is a four hour course, which meets all FDA requirements for HACCP training and the USDA Requirements for School District HACCP Plan Implementation.

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What You Are Going to Learn in the HACCP Certification Course

How to identify the causes of food borne illness

In the HACCP course provided by Online Institute of America, you will be able to understand the causes and effects of food borne illness, commonly known as food poisoning, as well as techniques that will help you prevent food borne illness from occuring in the first place.

Food poisoning is typically caused by food being served that has been contaminated in one way shape or form, but in many cases, it’s not easy for a server to know that the food’s quality has been compromised. After taking this HACCP course, you will learn how to identify the indicators and prevent your customers from eating contaminated food.

Why the 7 principles of HACCP are so important

HACCP includes 7 principles that are designed to provide employees of the service industy with a systematic set of guidelines to not only identify potential hazards in food preparation and serving, but also techniques for the prevention of hazardous situations that may arise.

In addition to identification and prevention of hazardous situations, our HACCP course will teach you how to correct problems as soon as they occur. There is no way to prevent all problems from occuring, but with your HACCP training, you will be fully prepared for any situation before, durring and after it occurs, which is one of the primary goals of implementing the 7 principles of HACCP.

How to determine and apply critical control points

A critical control point is essentially a guideline or procedure where certain control measures can be implemented and an accident can be avoided, reduced down to acceptable, or critical, levels or even eliminated completely. The HACCP Certification course will provide owners, management and employees with a very strong set of guidelines, which will help to indentify problems in food preparation such as physical, biological and chemical hazards.

HACCP’s critical control points will equip service industry workers with the information to prevent one of the most detrimental hazards in the food industry: serving food that has been contaminated, leading to food borne illnesses. The goal of implementing critical control points in HACCP is to be proactive and aviod problems before they occur, rather than reactive and dealing with issues after they occur, which is a benefit to all parties involved.

How to determine and implement corrective action

One of the most important things a restaurant can employ is a strict, definite set of guidelines to correct problems that unfortunately do occur at times. Because is is so difficult, and at times almost impossible, to identify some hazards before they occur, your HACCP training course will give you a set of guidelines to follow in the event of a problem.

Because customer loyalty is so important in the service industry, it is imperative to have a plan for hazardous situations. The ability to correct a hazardous situation that has occured can prove to be a priceless asset to a restaurant. In addition, being able to efficiently solve these problems will show that your customer service is a high priority and customer retention will improve as a result.

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