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Online Institute of America is a leading provider of accredited online HACCP certification and food safety training courses.

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As the nation’s largest provider of online food safety training, Online Institute of America is dedicated to provide you with the best in class online education to make your learning experience satisfying.

Our HACCP training curriculum is state approved, nationally accredited, FDA compliant and satisfies the USDA Requirements for School District HACCP Plan Implementation.

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HACCP training is a very important part of ensuring proper safety in the food industry. Using the HACCP program will not only help students perform their jobs at a higher capacity, it will also leave them with a life-long knowledge of food safety that can help the student throughout their lives.

Our HACCP training course outlines and gives an in depth explanation of the 7 principles of the HACCP training program:

  1. Conduct a hazard analysis
  2. Identify critical control points
  3. Establish critical limits for each critical control point
  4. Establish critical control point monitoring requirements
  5. Establish corrective actions
  6. Establish record keeping procedures
  7. Establish procedures for verifying the HACCP system is working as intended

By fully understanding these principles, your business productivity will increase exponentially by effectively avoiding hazardous problems from occurring and knowing exactly what to do if they do.

Our HACCP online training course will not only provide you with all of the necessary information to increase your safety measures by establishing a solid safety plan, it will also provide students with information to increase productivity, safety and ultimately profitability.

Why Online Institute of America?

  • 24X7 access to HACCP training
  • Quality instructional content that complies with FDA & USDA requirements
  • Interactive training format with instant grading and online printable certificate
  • Dedicated customer support
  • 100% Online

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