HACCP Certification Training

HACCP Training Requirements

HACCP Training Requirements

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification program is a training program designed for both employees and food establishments to help educate food industry workers of the signs of hazardous conditions that may arise in the workplace.

One of the primary factors involved is the prevention of food-borne illnesses.

A food worker with HACCP certification should be able to recognize and understand the sources of food-borne illness and should also know all of the health hazards involved with the preparation and consumption of food; these include, but are not limited to, salmonella and E. coli. HACCP certified workers should also be able to identify and prevent unsafe operating procedures that could result in the spread of disease.

Upon completion of the HACCP training course, students will be required to successfully pass the final exam with a grade of 70% or higher.

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Some of the Key Requirements of HACCP in the United States

  • Meat establishments must comply with the USDA’s Pathogen Reduction; HACCP System regulation
    1. Must have a written program in place to sample and test for micobiological agents
    2. Must be able to reach, or preferably exceed, USDA requirements for salmonella bacteria
    3. Have standard proceedures in place for sanitation, especially near food
    4. In accordance with USDA guidelines, you will need an HACCP program for your establishment
    1. Importers of Seafood are required to follow the “Proceedures for the Safe and Sanitary Precessing of Fish and Fishery Products,” set by the FDA
    2. To have already conducted a thourough analysis for hazardous situations or to conduct one
    3. If any exist, the processor must create and enforce a written HACCP program, which will be specific to all hazardous products and locations in the establishment
    4. The HACCP program must be developed, and reviewed, by an HACCP certified person with training specific to the handling of fish
    5. All processors need to create and enforce a written set of proceedures for sanitation standards
  • Processors or Juice Beverages have to comply with the “Juice HACCP,” per the FDA
    1. Conduct or already have conducted a hazard analysis for hazards in food safety
    2. If they do exist, create an HACCP plan in accordance with FDA guidelines by a person trained in the processing of juice
    3. Processors may also be required to follow requirements in the application of pasteurization processes and/or products’ microbiological testing.

HACCP Certification Testing Requirements

Refers to the minimum required passing scores, as applicable, to:

  • Pre-Quizzes
  • Lesson Quizzes
  • Final Exam

Course Completion

Upon finishing of this course, please print your certificate to demonstrate that completion.